Farewell Sale. We're closing our webshop on January 27, 2020 - grab the last of the Dapper Dog goods while they last. Take 50% off everything, with code: 2HZT65. Read more..


After 11(!!) years in business, the Dapper Dog co. is closing shop. Over the last several years we've had some pretty big life changes - welcoming new family members, big overseas moves, saying goodbye to our beloved Barkley - and though we've kept DDco running, we haven't been able to give it the same love we did in the earlier years. 

So, looking ahead to the new year (and new decade!), we've decided to make a graceful exit now and end on a very happy, albeit bittersweet, note. 

Together, my sister Tanya and I started the Dapper Dog co. because we love our pups so much and created the only dog collars on the market made in the same manner and quality as men's neckties. We soon began making bow tie collars as well. They were such a hit at the local fairs and markets that we started theDapperDogco.com which I began running full time from my Brooklyn studio. 

These were some of the happiest times and we thank all of our customers, stockists, family and friends for supporting us through the years. Working with and for dog lovers is truly special and we will be forever grateful.

We will be closing the webshop on January 27, 2020. In the meantime, we are doing a 50% off Farewell Sale (code: 2HZT65) for all of our remaining products if you want to snag one of the very last Dapper Dog collars! ☺️

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you! And we wish you the very best in 2020 and beyond!✨

Megan & Tanya